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Interventional Spine &
Regenerative Medicine

Welcome to Vertex Spine

Our mission at Vertex Spine is to provide individually tailored treatment options for simple and complex acute and chronic pain problems that empower patients to be less dependent on the medical system.


Facial Pain

We treat complex head, neck and facial pain.


We are now working with REGENEXX to bring high quality biologic injectables.


Thousands of successful lead placements for individual problems not solved with simpler methods. Years of ongoing effective therapy.

Advanced Care

SacroIliac Joint Fusion
Spinal Endoscopy
Basivertebral Nerve Ablation
MILD Procedure for stenosis
Vertiflex Spacer for stenosis

What Makes Us Different?

Clinical Expertise

Vertex has provided solultions for complex pain problems for nearly two decades. We provide physician-level care and not mid-level algorithms.

Innovative Solutions

We provide innovation and out-of-the-box treatment options that are not offered everywhere. Learn the rules. Break the rules. Make the rules.

Confident Outcomes

Solutions are best delivered by understanding the problem first. Our approach differs from simply attacking symptoms with all options.

customer satisfaction

We strive to clearly understand your needs and expectations. Our goal is to empower patients to improve function and be less dependent on medications and the medical system.

No Probelem Is Too Complex

We are excited to announce that in the upcoming weeks, we will be releasing a series of informative case reports, featuring our patients’ inspiring success stories and highlighting their journeys towards better health.

Patient experiences

Innovative & Compassionate Care: Are You Ready?

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